Waste Management Keeps Our Cities Clean and Healthy

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Cleanliness is something that cities take pride in, and use as a marketing tool. Because a clean city is a healthy city. But, the cleanest cities in the world didn’t become clean because everyone living there are neat freaks and fitness fanatics. They got that way because of careful and meticulous waste management.

The steps to effective waste management

Effective waste management
Effective waste management is necessary to make your city clean and healthy.

Waste management is a huge part of city planning. You want your residents to love living there, so you have to make it as clean and hygienic as possible. The better your waste management, the cleaner your city will be, and the healthier your residents will be. There are five steps to effective waste management. Once the last step is complete, you start the process over again. And, you are constantly making adjustments along the way, improving your waste management, making the process more effective and sustainable. There is a growing pressure on waste management to make the process greener. Improving recycling and waste reduction methods every step of the way, will make sure that our waste management procedures are as eco-friendly as possible.

Assessing waste

The first step in waste management is to get a realistic assessment of how much waste you have to manage. Considering an average person will produce more than 4 lbs of trash per day, this is a huge project. Cities spend hundreds of millions of dollars managing their waste to keep the city clean and healthy for the residents.

Trash collection

Steps to waste management
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Once you understand the amount of waste you have to manage, you need to figure out how to collect all of the trash. And, you need to think about how to make the collection as easy on the city as possible. The more you have to clean up after people who drop trash on the ground, the more expensive it will be to collect all the trash in the city. Trash collection is about more than having trucks driving around picking up trash. It’s about more than taking our bin to the curb. The city has to make it easy for people to dispose of their trash. If you’ve visited the cleanest cities in the world, you’ll notice that there are trash and recycling receptacles everywhere.

Transportation of waste

Once you figure out how to collect all the trash, it’s time to transport the trash. You need proper trash transportation vehicles designed to transport trash. And proper certification to make sure that the trash is being handled according to regulation.

Separating trash

Although we are better at separating our trash from the time of pick-up and transportation, trash often needs to be checked and re-separated again at the facility. The main concern is that all waste is handled safely and that each piece of trash ends up in the right place. Once you determine the category of trash, whether it’s recyclable, hazardous, or non-recyclable it needs to be transported to a recycling center or a landfill or hazardous waste facility.

Effective waste management
Separating garbage is a huge part of waste management.

Re-evaluating waste management process

At every step, you need to re-evaluate your waste management. W are all always making adjustments to how we manage our waste. We improve our effort to minimize waste in the home or at work. And city planners and waste management experts are continuously looking for more effective ways to manage waste on a city-wide scale.

Sunrise Sanitation provides waste management services your home, business, or job site throughout West Virginia and Maryland. Our services include weekly curbside pickup, monthly bulky item pick-up, and 24/7 drop-off recycling centers. We can also provide additional roll-off containers or storage units for construction or remodeling projects.

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