Improving Your Recycling Game in 2018

School recycling programs can help save the planet

We all know the saying “reduce, reuse, and recycle.” It’s been drilled into our brains since middle school. Somehow, many are only focusing on the recycling part. Recycling is great, but we can all do much better here in 2018. To improve your recycling game, you need to start reducing and reusing, not just recycling.

Minimizing waste requires more than just recycling

Don’t get us wrong; we love recycling. But, when it comes to waste management, we need to start reusing and reducing much more. Recycling is only the final step in minimizing waste. But before we throw items in the recycling bin, take a minute to consider if what you’re recycling can be reused. And before you start reusing items, take care to make responsible consumer choices so that you reduce your waste.


Reducing waste begins with sustainable and responsible shopping practices. Excess packaging is killing our planet, but you can do your part by taking care to buy products that aren’t packaged, to begin with. When shopping for fresh produce, choose the individual and loose products, not the ones that are already in bunches and packaged in a plastic bag or container. Instead of reaching for all those little plastic bags for your fruits and veggies, just put your items straight into the cart. The only reason the store provides individual plastic bags is to make it more convenient for you, and the cashier. But it’s perfectly okay to place five loose apples on the belt at checkout. And of course, you need to start bringing your own tote bag when you go shopping to reduce the number of plastic and paper bags you bring home. Eliminating this type of excess packaging will go a long way to reducing waste.


Improving recycling game
Donate old – but perfectly good – clothes and let someone else reuse them to reduce waste.

We all love to switch out our wardrobe. And if you have kids, you know how quickly they grow out of clothes. But just because you’re tired of last seasons clothing, or your kid can’t fit into their clothes anymore doesn’t mean that the clothes aren’t perfectly good. Start to give away your clothes to second-hand shops, or start a clothing swap with other parents. The same goes for old household items, furniture, kitchenware, and accessories. There are plenty people that will be interested in your old furniture, or shops that specialize in making things out of reclaimed materials. Before you throw it in the trash, take a minute to think if what you’re throwing out can be reused by someone else. The more we reuse, the less trash we make.


“Sunrise Sanitation Services was named the 2016 Recycler of the Year by the WV DEP.”

When something has reached the end of its life, then it’s time to recycle. Sunrise Sanitation offers free 24/7/365 recycling centers for West Virginia residents. Our centers are located in:

  • Thomas, WV (located behind the Thomas Post Office)
  • Gormania, WV (located at the intersection of Rt. 50 & Rt. 90)
  • Canaan Valley, WV (located at the Canaan Valley National Wildlife Refuge Center)
  • Hendricks, WV (located across from the Hendricks Post Office)
  • Parsons, WV (located in the parking lot next to the Family Dollar)
  • Mt. Storm, WV (located at Getz’s Market)
Recycling centers in West Virginia
Free 24/7/265 recycing centers in West Virginia.

For more information about what you can and can’t recycle, please visit our recycling page.

Waste management in West Virginia

Sunrise Sanitation has been in the garbage collection business for over thirty-five years. We provide curbside pickup, bulk pick-up, and recycling for your home, business, or job-site. Sunrise Sanitation was the recipient of the 2016 Recycling Champion Award!

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