Waste Audits

What does a WASTE ANALYSIS entail?

Sunrise Sanitation Services conducts garbage and recycling audits for businesses. We’ll take a careful look at and examine a company’s whole waste stream to see what items may be recovered. We can assist you in putting together a successful and cost-effective recycling program.

An examination of your organization’s waste stream is the first step in establishing a recycling solution. This allows us to better identify what is discarded and, more significantly, how much trash is generated. We will visually check and report on the different sorts and quantities of rubbish. How much of your garbage can be recycled? What kind of impact would that have on your bottom line? Our trash audit can provide answers to all of these issues.

We can determine the boost in your bottom line that might be generated by adopting our recycling solution by combining this information with the market prices of your materials and any specific equipment or logistical arrangements required to conduct your recycling program. Our trash audits provide you with crucial information about your scrap rates and offer you total control over your waste streams.



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