Too Much Garbage? Get a Roll-Off Truck

Roll-off are basically containers on wheels

If you have never needed to choose a roll-off truck, like many of us, you may be confronted with a puzzle and will need the help of a professional. You may also not know what they are! So, what is a roll-off truck?     

You will need the help of a professional
We roll a container off the back of a truck.


Roll-offs are basically containers on wheels. We roll a container off the back of a truck, which makes the delivery a lot easier than using the traditional dumpsters. A roll-off truck is designed to pick and drop any refuse and waste. Sunrise Sanitation roll-off trucks come in all sizes and shapes. We are the best in Maryland and West Virginia.

Choosing the perfect location

You will need to choose a landscape that suits the job; asphalt or level concrete is the best, our drivers are specialists and will make sure that there is minimal ground damage during the whole loading and unloading process.

Which size do I need?

Roll-offs are chosen by volume and weight. One of the first jobs is to check if the location where you need it has weight limits, so we can help you calculate the density of your waste to check this. You may need to go for a smaller container to avoid extra charges. In any case, you do not want to order anything too big and end up paying more than necessary. On the other hand, too small is equally problematic as you may end up needing to order a second one! Remember that overfilling will not do as spilling is not an option!

What can go in a roll-off?

residential trash pickup servicesAgain, we can help you there, as not all materials can go in the roll-offs. Some people have that notion that they can take away just about anything, but this is not true, you need to think of what can be recycled. Metals are valuable and are recyclable while mixed plastics and trash aren’t. Some materials can be thrown in the roll-off for an additional charge, which is again something we can discuss with you, they include paints, propane gas-tanks, tires. You may then realize that you are also in need of a recycling roll-off container.

We, at Sunrise Sanitation, have over 35 years experience with professional service. We pride ourselves in offering top-notch service to the community. Our business is to provide satisfaction for our clients, for the benefits of all. Please give us a call and explain your needs to us for guidance. We keep our prices fair and low, and we are fast and efficient. Or why don’t you come and visit us? We are located in Maryland and West Virginia, and will gladly give you some advise and help you choose your roll-off.

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