Sunrise Sanitation is excited to announce that effective March 1, 2018, we will be providing residential, commercial, and industrial solid waste and recycling services in the areas of Preston Co. currently served by Preston Sanitation.

If you are a current Preston Sanitation customer or anticipate signing up for service with Sunrise please review the map below for your revised pick-up day effective March 1, 2018.

If you are currently a customer, you will be automatically picked-up as a customer of Sunrise during this transition. We ask that be flexible with us during this change as it will take time and resources to optimize our routes.

We are excited to serve you and look forward to a longstanding relationship.

Your Questions Answered

When is Sunrise going to start providing service in the area currently served by Preston Sanitation

Sunrise will start providing service on March 1, 2018.

If I prepaid for my solid waste service, should I request a refund or will Sunrise carry over my current credit?

We will honor any prepayments for service to Preston Sanitation as we transition to Sunrise Sanitation.

What is the cost of your residential service?

During the emergency interim service period to commence on March 1, 2018, there will be no change in the current tariff rate of Preston Sanitation which is currently $20.93 per month for once a week service.

Our base rate is $19.95 per month, with a .25 cent surcharge per month to help with landfill costs, and the 4.91% fuel surcharge which gives us a total of $20.93 per month. This was applied to the April-June 2018 billing. The current rate for January- March 2018 is $20.67 per month.

Will Sunrise’s residential service provide a weekly pick-up?

Yes, we will pick-up our residential customers on a weekly basis.

Are we going to receive a letter to inform us of this change and provide information of your services?

Please look for additional information in the Preston County News and Journal, Dominion Post, and in mailings.

Will Sunrise provide commercial dumpster service to Preston County?

Yes, we will provide commercial dumpster services to Preston Co. in the area currently served by Preston Sanitation.

Will Sunrise provide industrial roll-off services to Preston County?

Yes, we will provide industrial and roll-off services to Preston Co. in the area currently served by Preston Sanitation.

Will Sunrise bill their residential customers monthly or quarterly for residential service?

We will charge bi-monthly for residential service.

Will Sunrise Sanitation be providing bulky goods service?

Yes, we will be providing bulky goods service to all of our residential customers.

Where should we send our payments for service?

Please mail payments to the following address:
Sunrise Sanitation Services
P.O Box 675
Oakland, MD 21550

How can we pay our bill?

Sunrise accepts payments in the following ways: credit card, check, money order, and ACH. To pay online click here.

What is Sunrise Sanitation’s holiday schedule?

Sunrise notifies customers of our holiday schedule pick-up days on our bill card that will be mailed out on a bi-monthly basis.

Is the Preston Sanitation tag still valid?

Please keep your tag from Preston Sanitation until further instructed. It will be helpful at first to help to identify customers until Sunrise issues new customer labels at a later date.

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