Reusable Items Every Green Household Must Have

Reusable items help reduce waste

One of the major components of a good recycling program is to reuse as many things and materials as possible. Recycling is better than throwing things away, but reusing items is even better. Here are the must-have reusable items for every household.Reusable items every household should have

Reusable items

Single-use items, especially single-use plastics are taking up too much space in our landfills, not to mention our coastlines, rivers, and oceans. The more we can equip ourselves with reusable items, the more we can start to reverse the massive waste problem that we have created. We’ve gotten into this mess because we’ve weighed convenience and retail cost above the health of the planet and the environment, and in the long run, our own health. It’s time to drop the convenient and cheap single-use items and replace them with something reusable.

Metal lunch boxes

Lunch boxes aren’t just for kids. Adults should also bring their lunch in reusable containers, not sandwich and brown bags.

Reusable to-go containers

You don’t need a fancy lunch box. Sure, they’re fun for the kids, but all you really need is a good set of reusable to-go containers and Tupperware.

Must-Have Reusable ItemsTo-go tip: Bring your own to-go containers to restaurants and use them instead of the styrofoam containers that the restaurant will give you. Every little bit counts, and eliminating to-go trash is going to make a big difference.

Thermos/Water Bottle

Everyone should have a thermos. There are great options for reusable bottles that can be used for both hot and cold drinks. Have them for each family member, and eliminate a lot of single-use plastic bottles.

Tote bags

You can never have enough tote bags. Keep several in your car, plus one in your bag. Make sure you have enough for all of your groceries. And remember, when you shop for produce you don’t need the little plastic bags for each fruit and vegetable.

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