Recycling Electronics

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All too often, when we think about recycling, we think of paper, plastic, and glass. There are other products that you can recycle. When you buy yourself a new computer, TV or phone, you may not know what to do with the old models. Well, you should never throw them in the trash, and here is why.

Why you cannot discard old electronic products

Stuff that should never reach a landfill
Reuse – Recycle

Your TV, or computers, may have reached the end of their lives, but there is still stuff that is alive in them, and that should never reach a landfill; we are talking about arsenic, cadmium, and lead. Should they somehow make it to a landfill, these substances will eventually leak into the ecosystems and will damage and kill animals and plants, finally finding their way on your plate.

The other good reason is that your computer still has some of your data, and you do not want any passersby to get hold of that.

If it works, recycle it

There are specialized companies that can help you dispose of all your old models. You may also check with your local city-town government. Some provide solutions for this type of recycling. Apple will receive all your old tech and will even give you a gift card in return for your efforts. Remember, you must clear all your data before you choose either solutions.

Give it away

You are feeling spoilt with your new MacBook, no problem. Just give your old computer, phone, or tv set away. As long as it works, for someone out there, anything is better than nothing. There are so many things you can give away if you think about it, instead of just throwing them in the garbage, phones, video games, consoles, play stations. Why not donate them to children’s hospitals. Put a smile on a child’s face today.

Reuse – Recycle

You think your iPhone 6 is out since you got a brand new XR; however, it is not so. There is a multitude of uses for an old smartphone, including a baby monitor, a smart home control panel, music storage, etc.

Sell it; it will make someone happy

You know what they say, one man’s trash is another man’s treasure. It has never been so accurate as in these days of electronics. Your TV set may not look the part, but it functions perfectly well. Sell it online, you will be happy to make someone happy and will have a bit of extra cash.

All in all, if you stop and think about it, there is a lot of waste, which could be avoided so easily. Please come and have a chat with us at Sunrise Sanitation, in one of our shops, either in Maryland or West Virginia, or give us a call. We can help you recycle, finding where and how to do it. Our experience in the matter makes us one of the most efficient recycling companies.

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