Knowing How to Sew, Cook, and Build Can Reduce Waste

DIY helps reduce waste

DIY people tend to produce less waste than those of us who buy “off the rack.” You don’t need to be able to win any of the DIY reality TV competitions, but if you start to learn how to build, sew, and cook you can help reduce a lot of waste.

Ways to reduce waste
Repair old clothes and reduce waste.

Reducing waste

So much waste is created because the commercial industry has us all convinced that we need to buy new stuff all the time. Reducing waste doesn’t mean you have to stop having fun, or treating yourself to new products, but if you have a personal stake in the products you own, you are less likely to throw it away and replace it with a newer version. Anytime we can repair something, we are reducing waste and minimizing our carbon footprint.

Sewing reduces waste

Learning how to sew gives you the opportunity to create unique pieces and develop your own personal style. However, it also means that you know how to repair ripped clothing. We’re too quick to toss out clothing that is a little damaged when we could easily repair the items and reduce waste.

Building reduces waste

Knowing how to build something using various materials makes you more inclined to look at something that appears broken, and think about ways to repurpose those materials. When you spend time building something yourself, you are more likely to take better care of it, prolonging its life and reducing waste.

Cooking reduces waste
Cooking for yourself minimizes food waste.

Cooking reduces waste

Knowing how to cook will help you shop smarter and reduce food waste. Being creative in the kitchen means that you are more conscious of the ingredients you buy, and you are more likely to use every ingredient in the fridge, rather than throwing out old food. Cooking at home also reduces all the trash you create when you order takeout food.

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