Don’t Throw Away Tomorrow, Recycle Today

Recycling bins to encourage recycling programs

The Importance of Recycling

Recycling is all about converting something into something new; a product you can reuse. The process turns a product back into a raw state that is used later to create a new and different one, for a new purpose. It is a fact that the natural resources on our beloved planet are limited so we must make the most to conserve, recycle and reuse whenever possible.  This will significantly reduce the negative impact on the environment.

You can recycle aluminum, cardboard, glass, metal, paper, plastic, steel cans, tires, and even electronics.

Benefits of Recycling

Economic Value

  • Recycling can help the economy as the manufacturing of products from raw materials is expensive. Using recycled materials is much cheaper.
  • It helps our economy grow as this activity generates seven to ten more jobs than landfills all over the United States.

Environmental Value

  • Benefits of RecyclingRecycling helps to reduce the chemicals and greenhouse gases that are released by waste in landfills.
  • It helps to reduce the pollution caused by waste.
  • Reduces the need for raw materials, thus all type of forests can be better preserved. Also contributes to lessening global warming.
  • Tons of energy is used when making products, using raw materials. Refining and processing raw materials require much less energy and therefore helps to preserve natural resources.
  • By recycling, we can significantly reduce the use of fossil fuel energy as well as CO2 emissions, thus, reducing our environmental footprint.

Overall, the more we recycle, the less waste ends up in landfills or worst in the ocean, ultimately reducing pollution.

At Sunrise Sanitation Services, we help you leave a positive impact on the environment. We have been in the solid waste and recycling business for over 40 years. Don’t throw away tomorrow, recycle today in our 24/7/ 365 residential recycling centers.Recycle Services in Maryland

Please visit our recycling section to find out what materials are recyclable and more details.

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