Things to Know About Recyclable Items

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What to Consider Before Recycling

Before starting a recycling endeavor, we have put together a list of things that can be recycled and those that should never be put in the bin.

Recyclable Items

Non- Recyclable Items

Jugs Syringes
Mail Broken glass
Paper Garden hoses
Food cans Sewing needles
Cardboard Plastic garbage bags
Food boxes Food-soiled paper
Beverage cans Propane cylinders or tanks
Glass bottles and jars Aerosol cans that are not empty
Plastic bottles, caps, and jars Broken light bulbs, especially incandescent bulbs

How to Clean Your Recyclables

Now that you know which items can be put in the replying bins, you are one step away for recycling correctly. You will want to clean some of those items from impurities. Here a quick guide of the things that must be washed before they hit the recycling facility:

Cans, Bottles, and Jars

Cleaning these products is a matter of filling them with water and swishing water around until most of the impurities are removed from inside. No need to scrub, unless there is sticky content like peanut butter or honey. Dry them thoroughly before stuffing them in your recyclables.

non-recyclable itemsCardboard and Paper

All paper products like boxes, cardboard, colored paper, construction paper, copy paper, packages, must be free of contaminants. Just make sure to check they are not covered in oily substances, or covered in cheese and sauce, for instance, pizza card boxes.


Rince hard plastics to eliminate residue. If they contain food or greasy or oily things, they should never go in your brown garbage cart.

Rinsing your recyclables is as essential as sorting your recycling correctly to make the process a success.

If you need more information about the right way to recycle items, contact Sunrise Sanitation. Our experts will happily help you.

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