The Most Secure Way to Destroy Sensitive Data From Your Hard Drive

Permanently destroy hard drives and data

Protecting sensitive and proprietary data is vital to the success of a company. Although customers love transparency, they love security and privacy more. If you are renewing your IT equipment in the office and getting rid of old hard drives and servers, you need to make sure that you permanently destroy the data to protect your clients, investors, and business.

Securely destroying sensitive data
Protect your business with a secure solution for destroying sensitive data.

Protecting sensitive data

Every company is in possession of a lot of sensitive information. You are not only protecting the proprietary and financial information associated with your organization, but you are also responsible for private data regarding clients and investors. A breach of trust can be detrimental to your business. If your data ends up in the wrong hands, whether it’s the competition or hackers, it may be impossible to recover from it. Our new Sunrise Shred has the only solution to permanently destroy data on hard drives, flash drives, CD-ROMs, and diskettes.

Permanently destroy data

We can protect your business from the unthinkable by scheduling regular pick-ups of your hard drives and other hardware that is storing sensitive data. We will pick up your hardware at a scheduled time and place, collect, destroy, and properly dispose of all materials. You will get a certificate of destruction to give you, clients, and investors peace of mind that you are not exposing sensitive data to the wrong people.

Secure destruction of data
Get a certificate of destruction after we pick up and destroy data.

Protect confidentiality

We will protect your business and your confidentiality when we destroy and dispose of your data. We also make sure that once the hardware has been properly destroyed, all materials are confidentially and responsibly recycled at our recycling facilities.

Sunrise Sanitation started Sunrise Shred to provide businesses with a safe, secure, and confidential way to destroy sensitive data and materials while ensuring that all materials are being properly recycled and disposed of for minimal environmental impact. Get a quote today!

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