The Best Way to Store Furniture During a Home Remodel

Containers and storage units

Remodeling your home is exciting. The easiest way to get the job done right is to make it easy for your contractors to work. But, there are several storage methods that you can use during a home remodel. Some are better and more efficient than others.

Storage methods

On-site storage units
An empty room will make your home remodel much more efficient.

The more organized you are, the more efficiently your contractors can work. The more furniture you can clear out of the home, the better. Not only is it easier to build and work without too many obstacles in the way. But, you also want to protect your furniture during the remodel process.

Pushing furniture out of the way

If you are only painting the walls, you may be able to get away with simply pushing all the furniture to the middle of the room. However, if you’re painting the walls, chances are you also need to paint the ceilings. That means painters will have to stand in the middle of the room at some point. Having to constantly move the furniture about the room, giving workers space is a waste of time. And, it will make the project take so much longer than if you emptied out the room beforehand.

Protecting the furniture

If you plan on keeping the furniture in the room, you need to make sure they are covered. Protect the furniture from dust and paint. Of course, there are also going to be tools, and people in heavy boots all over your house, so you may also want to put down something to protect your floors.

Move furniture from room to room

Rent high quality storage containers for your home remodel
With an on-site storage container you only have to move once, and your furniture is safe and out of the way.

You could also empty each room as it is being worked on, and move furniture from room to room. If you really love moving, then this is a great option. But, if you’re looking for the simplest and most effective storage solution, this isn’t’ it. And, the more you move your furniture, the more you risk damage to walls, floors, and the furniture.

Rent on-site storage containers

The best way to store your furniture during a home remodel is with an on-site storage unit. On-site storage containers are airtight and lockable so that your valuables are safe. And, they come in various sizes depending on your needs. With an on-site storage container, you can move all your furniture out in one go and let your contractors work without obstacles.

Sunrise Sanitation offers 20’ storage containers (8’H x 8’W x 20’L) for your job site, home, or business needs. Our storage containers are the highest quality available and are airtight and lockable to protect your valuable possessions. Containers cannot be moved while loaded due to possible risk of damage to the container contents.

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