Reusable Party Decorations for Every Occasion

Covid has not only changed our perception of the word “party,” but it has also made us rethink our options of party decorations and accessories. Considering the fact that décor from events and parties is one of the main culprits polluting our beloved earth, we have to be mindful of our choices and rethink before using our go-to options of plastic decorations.

Federal Environment Minister Catherine McKenna has warned that plastic will outweigh fish in the ocean by 2050. This startling discovery alone is making people look for eco-friendly décor options.

Dayna Isom Johnson from Etsy notes that the online marketplace’s trend experts has noticed that searches for “wooden utensils” increased 92% over the previous year, “melamine plates” went up 76%, and “plantable or seeded invitations” rose 21%. Luckily, these are not the only eco-friendly options out there.

Say No to Balloons

When planning your party, look for reusable decorations.

No party was ever complete without balloons, but we now know that it takes months and sometimes years for balloons to decompose. The alternatives include paper or real flowers, crepe paper pom poms, and cotton buntings.

Go Green

It might not be possible to escape plastic usage entirely, but we can avoid it where we can. For birthday parties and other informal gatherings, replace plastic disposable utensils with paper or bamboo plates and metal or glass straws. The best thing about investing in them is that they can be packed up and stored after use and reused when needed!

Recycle and Reuse

There are loads of sustainable and reusable party decorations available. These are made from non-toxic materials and are easily reusable and recyclable. Ribbon and paper tassel garlands, string lights, bunting flags on cotton strings, and cardboard alphabet cutouts are just some of the décor ideas that are reusable if stored carefully.

With so many reusable options to consider when planning an event, feeling overwhelmed is normal. The key to success is to do all that you can, and don’t worry if every item at your party isn’t the greenest version. Your party should end with a residential waste pickup company collecting the waste and ensuring that it is handled in an environmentally-friendly way.

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