How to Recycle Your Christmas Tree?

How to Recycle Your Christmas Tree

Simple Ways to Give New Life to Your Christmas Tree After the Holidays

One of the things families are most excited about during the holiday season is getting a tree for Christmas. Although many of us wish Christmas lasted a little longer, it goes by really fast, and before you know it, your beautifully decorated Christmas tree must head out the door. Instead of just tossing it out, there are ways you can recycle your Christmas tree. Here are some simple ideas:

Keep Yourself Warm

The trunk of your Christmas tree is made of good wood, which can be cut into logs and burned in your fireplace to keep your home warm. Just make sure you don’t use the branches because they can cause sparks.

Perfume Your Home

Once you remove your decorations, go ahead and strip the needles off the branches. They can be used to make great-smelling potpourris and sachets that you can put all around your home. The needles will retain their aroma for the longest time when they’re kept in brown paper bags.

5 Simple Ways to Give New Life to Your Christmas Tree After the HolidaysGive Shelter to Wildlife in Your Backyard

You could bring the entire tree outside to your backyard and set it in a bare spot to fill in space, or you could cut up the trunk and branches, and arrange pieces to your liking around your backyard. That is a great way to give shelter or just a resting spot to animals like rabbits or birds.

Set Up a New Compost Pile

Thin branches make an excellent base for a new compost pile, even evergreen branches since it allows for some air to flow through the bottom of the pile. All you have to do is trim them in a way that they fit in your bin and stack them up to six inches high. Then you’re all set to start adding all your compostable into the bin.


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