Recovering Energy From Waste is the Road to a More Sustainable and Cleaner Future

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Reduce, reuse, and recycle has been the mantra for sustainability that we’ve been taught and are passing on to new generations. However, innovative companies are practicing the fourth “R” in sustainability, recovery. Recovering energy from waste has become more and more important in improving energy efficiency and reducing CO2 emission.

Energy from waste

Waste is a huge problem. Our landfills are overflowing and polluting the environment more than ever. Although we’re making great efforts to reduce waste, many are looking to see if there are ways to recover energy and reduce CO2 emissions using waste. Here’s what it means to recover energy from the waste we’ve already created.

we rarely think about what happens to it once it is out of our hands
Recovery is the newest and most innovative addition to reducing, reusing, and recycling.

Benefits of recovering energy from waste

We’re all looking to be more energy efficient. We can use energy-efficient appliances, lights on timers, and low energy lightbulbs, but many are still using new resources to fuel their energy supply. Energy from waste is using materials that have already been sourced and turning them into energy to produce electricity and heat. Energy from waste is also generating other sources of fuel without burdening the planet for new resources. Using waste to fuel our homes, cars, and businesses are going to have a tremendous impact on the planet.


Any time we take old materials and repurpose it to become something else, we are helping the planet and reducing our carbon footprint. When we use energy from waste, we are reducing waste that goes to landfills. We are also reducing carbon emissions that are released into the atmosphere from landfills and dumps. Energy from waste is an environmentally-friendly alternative to producing heat and electricity. Reusing waste to create energy sources will also reduce the reuse of fossil fuels

Rising costs of energy have made alternative sources of energy and energy efficiency vital to every business strategy and household. Hopefully, investing in energy from waste facilities will become more prevalent around the world to ensure a cleaner and more sustainable future for us all.

Sunrise Sanitation is a waste management company serving communities and counties in West Virginia and Maryland.

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