Prevent Food Waste in Your Cafe or Restaurant: Why You Should Care and What You Can Do

Buying bulk foods will help you reduce household waste.

You’re focused on the food that goes out to your customers, but what about the food that doesn’t? Food waste in restaurants and cafes can cost hundreds of dollars per month, with some places losing thousands of dollars each year to waste. But with a few small changes to your food prep process and inventory management, you can drastically reduce your food waste without putting extra strain on your bottom line. Here are some ways to prevent food waste in your café or restaurant and get the most from every dollar you spend on ingredients.

Wasted Food is Money Down the Drain

One of our primary roles as business owners is to maximize profit. If a person walks out of your establishment with uneaten food, that’s money out of your pocket. People are always on tight budgets, so they’re less likely to order something new if they know that there is a higher chance that it will be wasted. By implementing some key practices, you can prevent waste and maximize profits at your place of business.

Small Ways to Reduce Wasted Food

Going meatless one day a week
Food waste in restaurants and cafes can cost hundreds of dollars per month.
  1. Work with your supplier to minimize packaging. 
  2. Use airtight containers that eliminate oxygen as a barrier to food spoilage. 
  3. Implement an expiration date management system, so you know how much time you have left before products expire. 
  4. Place out-of-date food items on special sale — you can sell them quickly (and even make a profit) instead of throwing them away. 
  5. Partner with a local charity that benefits from rescued food donations.

Large-Scale Ways to Reduce Wasted Food

Some suggestions include setting a perfect portion policy, installing grates on floors to prevent people from throwing things away, and training employees to look for indications that food has been thrown out needlessly. 

Take Advantage of Leftovers

Restaurants have a natural advantage when it comes to reducing food waste. Most restaurants serve meals family-style, which means that diners can serve themselves seconds (or thirds) without worrying about taking too much food. If you’re cooking for a large party, chances are that you can save some leftovers for another meal. Just make sure to store them properly, so they stay fresh!

Waste Collection Services

Reduce your ecological footprint by working with Sunrise Sanitation to collect your waste. At Sunrise, we use state-of-the-art equipment to take care of your waste. If you’re interested in garbage collection services for your cafe or restaurant, give us a call today! We’d love to talk to you about our services.

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