Permanent Media Destruction Services Will Protect Clients and Employees

Don't forget to permanently destroy media on old backup devices before discarding them.

Every business has a ton of data that they are responsible for keeping safe. The data you collect is often private, personal, and sensitive. To run a business, you automatically ask for a lot of information on your partners, vendors, customers, and employees. All of the people that you work with rely on you to keep their data confidential, which is why you need to have a sound system in place for secure media destruction.

Media disposal

Protect clients and employees by permanently destroying data on old back up devices.

Many businesses have old hard drives, CDs, flashcards, USB sticks, disks, and DVDs lying around the office, even after switching over to more secure online storage services. Not only are they taking up space, but they are a liability to your data security. You may think that more backups are just extra protection in case something happens, but this is a false sense of security. Another reason that people fail to dispose of their old hard drives properly is paranoia. Too many crime procedurals on TV teach us that even if you erase a file, it could still be there, somewhere, ready to be hacked.

Identity theft

The more devices you have with sensitive information, the more chances a hacker has to gain access. Identity theft is on the rise. Many don’t realize that their identity has been stolen for months, giving hackers plenty of time to do some severe damage. Billions of dollars are stolen due to identity theft, and no one is safe. A data breach could ruin your business financially, but it could also destroy your reputation. Trust is the foundation to success, and if you don’t adequately protect your clients and employees, you will quickly lose that trust. Trust is hard to get in the first place; it is almost impossible to regain once it’s lost.

Proper disposal of data

Hard drives, CDs, DVDs, disks, USB, and flash drives should all be properly destroyed.

To correctly delete and destroy any data that you have stored on old hard drives, you have to go through several steps. It’s not good enough to merely delete files and then throw the hard drive away. When it comes to data security, protecting clients and employees, you need to permanently destroy all the data on every hard drive, CD, flashcard, USB stick, disk, and DVD.

Once you have permanently destroyed the data, the physical unit needs to be destroyed, crushed, or shredded.

Let Sunrise Sanitation help you protect your business, clients, and employees with permanent media destruction services.

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