Latest Recycling Trends

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The three Rs of recycling – reuse, reduce, recycle – still apply and are still essential, but there are now some more Rs to add to that list. As we learn more about environmental caretaking and how to efficiently use materials, the recycling trends have evolved. 

The four new Rs are: refuse, rethink, repurpose and rot. And in these trends are some recycling tips to reduce your waste. 

As we learn more about environmental caretaking and how to efficiently use materials, the recycling trends have evolved

New Recycling Trends

Refuse refers to what we all know as residential garbage – the solid, nonhazardous, non-recyclable waste that goes to the landfill. Although many things can be diverted from the landfill, there are still things that need to go to the landfill site. The goal is to make this amount as small as possible by using these recycling trends

Rethink is a recycling step that starts in the shop. If an item has too much packaging or is needlessly wasteful, think about whether you really need to buy it. Consider whether or not there is a better, less wasteful option. Two things happen when people consistently refuse to buy over-packaged items. First, less waste goes to the landfill from consumers. Second, producers and retailers are forced to rethink their packaging, as they realize over-packaged items don’t sell as well. 

Repurpose is all about looking at how items can serve a second life. Boxes saved to use as mailing packages, plastic bags repurposed into garbage can liners or old clothes made into a quilt are all examples of repurposing. 

Rot is really composting. This is all the organic matter, including vegetable scraps, eggshells, and coffee grinds, that we throw out. In rural areas, it can be used as compost for the garden. Some cities have organic matter collection, where the compostable materials are hauled away to a special treatment area rather than heading to the landfill. 

The goal of recycling in all its forms is to lessen our impact on the environment. It may take a bit more effort, but the long-term benefits are worth it. 

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