Is Recycling Really Worth It, Or Are We Just Fooling Ourselves?

Is recycling worth it

Recycling has come under scrutiny lately, leaving everyone asking the question, “Is recycling worth it, or are we just fooling ourselves?” The reasons we recycle is to save energy and water, protecting our natural resources. However, many have been questioning if we really save that much by recycling. One of the biggest myths about recycling is that it creates more waste and uses more energy and water than it saves.

Is recycling worth it?

Recycling myths
Yes, recycling is worth it!!

In short, yes, recycling is worth it. There has been a lot of talk about how recycling will use up more energy and resources than it would to have to manufacture something new. According to a study by the EPA, recycling is much more energy efficient and will save more water than making something from virgin materials. Some materials are better to recycle than others.

Energy saved from recycling

The most commonly recycled materials are paper, plastic, and aluminum/tin/metal. There are significant benefits when we recycle these materials. Recycling saves both energy and water.

  • Recycling aluminum/tin/metal – Saves 60-74% of the energy needed to make new materials
  • Recycling paper – Saves about 60% of the energy required to create new materials
  • Recycling plastic and glass – Saves about ⅓ of the energy needed to make new materials
Benefits of recycling
Recycling saves energy and minimizes greenhouse gas emissions.

All materials use less water in the recycling process than sourcing virgin materials and turning them into new products.

Recycling at home and work

At Sunrise, we make it as easy as possible for you to drop off your recycling so that we can work together for a cleaner and more sustainable future. We have recycling drop off centers throughout West Virginia and Maryland that are open all day, every day.

For curbside recycling and waste management services for your home, business, or job-site contact Sunrise Sanitation.

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