Ideal Location for Placing Your Roll-Off Dumpster Unit

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What Is a Roll-Off Dumpster?

A roll-off dumpster is a big waste container with its top opened. It is used to store debris generated from demolitions and construction jobs or home clean-outs. A dumpster is a good alternative for getting rid of the things you do not need, but you should consider the place you put them. For this reason, waste management experts from Sunrise Sanitation have put together helpful advice on where to not put your roll-off dumpster.

Finding the Right Place

What Is a Roll-Off DumpsterDumpsters always take up a significant amount of space, and they weigh quite a bit more once you fill them, so finding a safe place that is appropriate to your needs is not always easy.

Professionals in the industry say that the best place to locate a roll-off dumpster unit is a flat and hard surface. That would include an asphalt or concrete driveway, street, hard-packed dirt, or parking lot.

To place it over sand or other soft surfaces, first, cover it with plywood to avoid it from sinking.

Preparing for the Delivery of Your Dumpster

After you have decided where to put your roll-off dumpster, it is time to prepare the area. Just clean up and clear out obstructions from the area where it will be placed. Remove any trash cans, debris, kid’s toys, cars, or in some cases, fences that may be obstructing the way to the drop off zone.

waste management expertsWhether you are a contractor, a business owner, or a homeowner, a roll-off dumpster is an efficient and straightforward way to handle cleanups for a wide variety of jobs. And Sunrise Sanitation has all it takes to make renting a roll-off dumpster easy and affordable for anyone looking to keep costs low. Please visit our website to learn more about our garbage management services.

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