How to Reduce Paper Waste From School Projects

shredding documents can have negative environmental effects

Every year, millions and millions of tons of paper are wasted by schools and educational institutions. Paper waste has become a pressing concern since educational institutes use paper the most. From homework assignments to examinations and projects, everything requires paper which is wasted without being recycled. We know that you’re as worried about the environment as we are. So how can you play a part in becoming a responsible citizen and reduce paper waste from school projects?

Paper Waste from Educational Institutes

woman trying to get rid of paper to make paperless office
Going paperless can help your office be much more productive.

According to recent statistics, 35 of every 100 pounds of waste that goes to landfills is paper. This alone makes paper our number 1 waste product. Other than that, approximately 900 million trees are lost to deforestation annually across the globe. Did you know this is about 2.47 million trees being cut down every day? It is also estimated that 24 trees are required to make 1 ton of standard office paper.

After reading the statistics, it is heartbreaking to realize that schools contribute to all the paper waste produced. In school, we spend most of our life working on paper, giving exams, submitting assignments, even tearing pieces from notebooks for making paper planes. These memories don’t have to be bittersweet. After all the awareness we have, we can recycle the waste we created to reduce paper waste from school projects and assignments.

How Can You Reduce Paper Waste?

Creativity is the key to reducing paper waste! You can reduce paper waste from school projects by using old scraps and handmade paper. If you use paper for printing, make sure that the setting is set to double-sided prints. You can even ask your school to buy single-sided paper. Since the world is advancing towards technology, you can request your school to create learning management systems. Ask them to let you submit digital copies of your assignments. Most importantly, promote recycling as much as you can! Place recycle bins around the campus, outside classes, and in libraries.

Charity begins at home, they say!

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