How to Eliminate Single Use Plastic in Your Home

How Waste Management Helps Preserve Nature

If you have read the news or are staying up to date with the worldwide climate crisis, you may be aware of disposable plastics’ adverse consequences. Eliminating single use plastic from your home can be challenging, primarily if you are used to having straws and disposable utensils. 

Changing behaviors is often challenging for a short while, but once you get the hang of it and develop healthier ones, you will live a more satisfying and green life. 

Eliminating Single Use Plastic Will Have A Substantial Environmental Impact

When you stop using these disposable plastics, it will provide the environment with a ton of benefits. Not only will your house be producing less waste and practicing sustainable habits, but you will be contributing to a greener earth. These small at-home practices can significantly differentiate the environment, especially if more people hop on board.

These are the plastics that end up in the oceans and harm aquatic wildlife. They do not get adequately processed and can take thousands of years to decompose properly. By eliminating single use plastic, you will help keep these items out of landfills and the oceans. 

Decrease your carbon footprint and stop using single use plastics.

Buying In Bulk and Storing In Glass Containers Eliminates A Lot Of Plastic

A great way to adopt sustainable habits and stop using disposable plastics is by buying food items in bulk. When you buy in bulk, using glass containers, you are practicing zero-waste living. You cut out the need for bags and packaging, which also reduces household waste. 

As packaged goods and disposable plastics are so convenient, you will find it challenging to start sustainable practices. If you start slow and eliminate one thing and then slowly increase your efforts, it will be more manageable. 

You can contact Sunrise Sanitation experts if you have more questions regarding household waste and proper disposable techniques.  


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