Health and Environmental Benefits of Going Meatless One Day a Week

Going meatless one day a week

We could be heroes, just for one day. All we have to do is swap out our burgers and chicken wings for a plant-based protein. Going meatless for only one day has enormous health benefits, but the most surprising and awesome benefit is just how much pressure we can take off of the planet at the same time.

Cost of meat

There’s no such thing as a free lunch, but if you add meat to your lunch, then the costs are much higher. The meat industry requires a massive amount of natural resources from the planet. To keep up with the demands of a growing population the meat industry is using up more land than ever, sucking up more water than ever, and pumping more destructive greenhouse gases than ever back into the atmosphere. And these are just the cost to the environment; eating meat has severe costs to our health, as well. By eating meat daily, you are doing to your own body what the meat-producing industry is doing to the environment.

going meatless
Reduce the risk of cancer and heart disease by going meatless for one day a week.

Meatless for one day a week

Processed meats are significant causes of cancer and heart disease. The meat industry is also like cancer in our environment. You can fight cancer and reduce the harmful effects of meat production both for your health and for the health of the planet by going meatless for one day a week.

Health benefits

Processed meats have ties to bowel cancer and heart disease and are classified as being just as harmful as cigarettes. Going meatless for one day a week will naturally cut out a lot of unhealthy processed meats and fats, and decrease the likelihood of cancer and heart disease. Once you cut out the meat, you need to find a plant-based substitute so that you don’t deny your body of necessary nutrients, like protein. When people make up for the loss of meat, they often end up adding more veggies and plant-based protein to their meals, which increases the nutritional value of each meal. You’ll get more fiber, vitamins, and minerals in each meal and a lot less fat.

Saving Water on Laundry
Reducing the amount of meat we eat will save tons of water and acres of land.

Environmental benefits

The meat industry is one of the leading causes of soil erosion, climate change, and water depletion. By going meatless for a day, we can seriously reduce CO2 emissions, save tons and tons of water, and regain thousands of acres of land. Using our crops to feed animals so we can eat meat is also a waste of food.  Instead of feeding the fruits, veggies, and grains to the animals, we can eat them directly. Eating the crops ourselves will enable us to supply a much more significant portion to the world population. Going meatless for one day means that many more people will be able to eat, reducing world hunger.

Going meatless for a day will have a major global effect, and requires minimal effort on your part. Plus, you’ll get to stretch your culinary repertoire and try out new dishes. A little change is good for the mind, body, and spirit, and also the planet.

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