Environmental Benefits to Minimizing Waste

Recycle plastics, cans, and paper.

The effects that plastic has on the environment have always been a pressing concern, but the COVID-19 pandemic is now making the situation worse than ever. When it comes to recycling and the pandemic, the use of new plastic has surged exponentially, which is troubling news for the future of the planet. What can be done to minimize these negative environmental effects?

Recycling and the Pandemic

As COVID-19 began to spread globally, the demand for plastic face shields, gloves, take-out containers, and other types of single-use plastics surged. Since most of these plastics cannot be recycled, they went straight to the trash and ended up in landfills.

That’s not the only problem. The pandemic has caused an intense price war between recycled plastic and new plastic, and new plastic is winning. With new plastic products being produced at a much cheaper price, the reason why is clear. Unfortunately, low prices are winning out against environmentalism, and the problem is likely only going to get worse as the global population and standard of living continues to rise.

Plastic Recycling is the Key

Plastic filling up the streets
Plastic doesn’t decompose, so that it can sit around in landfills for years.

All is not lost, however. Consumers will need to take several steps to minimize the production of new plastic products. Consumers must continue to support companies that make products from recycled plastic; although they cost more in the short run, the environmental benefits far outstrip this minor inconvenience.  Using less plastic whenever possible is another strategy that consumers can use. Plastic recycling is a must, too; any plastic products that must be bought should be recycled as often as possible. Using less plastic will leave the planet healthy for the generations of the future.

Always make sure to minimize your use of plastic and to recycle your plastics whenever possible. Contact us at Sunrise Sanitation Services to make sure that your plastics get recycled promptly and properly. 

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