Easy Ways to Tackle Trash Can Odors

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How to Easily Control Garbage Can Smells?

For most of us, taking out the trash is one of our least favorite chores. Those 10 seconds it takes us to open the stinky, smelling garbage can and deposit the trash bag inside is disgusting. That is why we want to share with you today how to make this experience less uncomfortable with some useful tips for getting rid of that offending odor.

After you take out the trash, you can:

deodorize trash can

Naturally Deodorize

Place some orange peels or fresh mint leaves in the bottom of the trash can, to help neutralize bad odors. Remember to change them weekly.

Use a Plastic Lined Cloth Laundry Bag

Place this item at the bottom of the trash can to prevent leaks.

Sprinkle Baking Soda

The chemical properties of baking soda will prevent odors from developing.

eliminate trash bad odorsApply Bleach

Bleach is by nature the number one germ killer substance in a household. Killing those germs that add up to your smelly trash helps you tackle those nasty odors, especially in the kitchen.

Use Cat Litter

This product can prevent moisture and bad smells from invading your home. Dump it out after a week or when you notice that it has become wet.

Add Pure Vanilla Extract

Pour a couple of drops of the product on five cotton balls, and then place them at the bottom of your rubbish can. Let them sit overnight with a closed lid. Enjoy the soft scent of vanilla throughout your kitchen the next day and throughout the week.

Stay tuned to learn more about how to manage your trash.

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