Don’t Fall Prey to Wishful Recycling and Ruin All Your Good Green Efforts

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One of the biggest recycling mistakes is “wishful recycling.” We see materials that we feel should be recycled, so we toss them in the recycling bin. However, if we contaminate our recycling with too many non-recyclables, we could be ruining the whole bunch. Make sure you understand the limitations of your recycling service.

Limitations on recycling

Recycling guidelinesWe all know that we need to recycle paper, plastic, and metals. However, each category has subcategories and that’s where most of us get into trouble. Despite advancements in recycling, both in service and practice, there are still things that we can’t recycle.

Paper recycling limitations

Unfortunately, many think that if the product contains the word “paper” then it can be recycled. Wax paper cannot be recycled, nor can tissue paper. You also need to make sure that when you recycle paper, you only recycle paper. A spiral notebook can only be recycled if you remove the metal spiral. However, once the non-recyclable parts of a spiral notebook have been removed, then all the pages inside the notebook should be recycled.

Greasy and dirty paper

If the paper products are wet, greasy, or food stained, they can’t be recycled. Unfortunately, you can’t recycle your paper picnic or pizza plates once you have used them because they are too soiled. Many paper plates also come with a wax coating, making them non-recyclable. However, if your paper plates are poly-coated, then they can be tossed in the recycling bin (provided they are not greasy, wet, or soiled).

Metal/Aluminum recycling limitations

Recycling mistakesIn the metal/aluminum recycling department you want to avoid tossing aerosol cans into the recycling bin. The same is true for any metal container or can that has been used for chemicals or paints. You also can’t recycle all metal items, like broken power tools, appliances, or batteries. If you have broken appliances, talk to Sunrise about a special bulk-item curbside pickup.

Plastic recycling limitations

Most plastic items will have a number associated with that particular type of plastic. Make sure you know which plastics your recycling service will accept. At Sunrise, we accept #1 and #2 plastics. We do not accept all other plastics, like PVC pipe, toys, auto parts, food bags, cups, plates, trays, egg cartons, and containers.

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