Do You Need Bear Proof Lockable Dumpsters?

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Throughout America, various animals are attracted to garbage. While you may have heard of raccoons and other rodents infesting a company dumpster, these critters are not the only ones who can cause trouble. Much larger predators are lurking just around the corner, waiting to get into your trash. 

As you want to protect yourself from these large animals, you should be investing in bear proof dumpsters. While you may not have had bears come snooping just yet, they will undoubtedly come, especially if you don’t have the right bins. 

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If you are in a rural area you are more at risk of bears.

If You Live or Own a Business in Rural Areas

The most common places where bears will be present are in rural areas throughout America. Bears are highly attracted to garbage, and the kinds of bears that come and snoop through the trash tend to be less frightened of humans, making them dangerous. So if you run a business in a rural area, you need bear proof garbage containers

Even now, as the climate begins to change, some bears are becoming more confident and creeping their way into residential areas. To keep yourself safe from these dangerous animals, you should get bear proof dumpsters to avoid any interaction and a mess. 

Protect Garbage From Bears – Besides Bear Proof Containers

In addition to bear proof dumpsters, you should also be limiting the amount of food you throw out that could attract the bears. While you may need to throw this food out, try and wait until the day of or before trash pick up to not let it sit outside for an extended period. 

You can also secure your trash behind a fence, gate, shed, or garage if this is possible. The longer your trash sits, the more likely they will come. 

For the best bear proof garbage containers, contact Sunrise Sanitation today. 

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