Differences Between Dumpster And Compactor Services

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When you find a situation that requires a lot of disposal, you need to find some sort of rental option to help you find your way through. Some of the most common options are going to be dumpsters or compactors, but these aren’t necessarily one and the same. So, when you’re deciding between the types of services that are best for you, here’s what to keep in mind.

Dumpster Services

A dumpster service is generally pretty basic. The rental company will provide you with a dumpster, bring it to wherever you need, and give you a set amount of time before they come to bring it back, taking all the garbage inside with you. A dumpster service is a good idea when you have a bunch of different items that are going to need disposing of, like cleaning out a house that was badly damaged/destroyed after a natural disaster, or after construction. Note that some services may have “do not dispose” lists, so make sure you talk about this with them before committing.

gargage compactor
Dumpsters are more general than compactors. Compactor can manage better solid waste.

Compactor Services

A compactor service, by comparison, is a lot more specialized. Dumpsters allow you to take just about anything away, while the purpose of a compactor is to try and compress different materials to make them easier to haul off later. You see this a lot in the backrooms of major retail stores to make all the cardboard boxes easier to transport and recycle. If you’re looking for compactor services of your own, you need to think of an end goal beyond just getting rid of things. Do you know everything you will dispose of will be suitable for the machine? Where will it ultimately go?

Whether you’re looking for compactor services or a dumpster service, Sunrise Sanitation is here to help, providing waste management to West Virginia and Maryland. Please visit our website to learn more about our services.

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