Birthday Party Balloon Alternatives

Balloons are a fun way to accessorize spaces for birthday parties, but they can seriously impact the environment. However, there are many great alternatives for balloons, such as streamers and lights, so you don’t have to compromise on decorations for special occasions and celebrations. These balloon alternatives provide just as much festivity without the severe environmental damage.

Why We Should Stop Using Helium Balloons for Birthday Parties and Celebrations

Helium balloons are known for their harmful impact on the environment and wildlife. The material they are made of cannot break down over time, causing them to end up in the ocean and other areas. Like plastic straws, balloons are dangerous to animals that come into contact with them. If they are accidentally mistaken for food, they can block animals’ airway leading to irreversible damage. Wildlife and the oceans already face enough pollution and waste, so limiting and removing balloons will help to safeguard the environment.

Alternatives to Helium Balloons At Your Next Party

Enjoy a recyclable birthday party!

There are many helium balloon alternatives that create just as much fun without adding to environmental waste. These include:

  • Streamers
  • Lights
  • Flags
  • Fabric Décor / Bunting
  • Bubbles

Decorations like lights and flags can be reused, and bubbles are a great birthday party item that poses no harmful side effects. If you’re looking to get creative and make DIY decorations, like bunting, you can visit a recycling center and reuse cardboard or other items that can be transformed into a unique accessory. Streamers are also great balloon alternatives to use at parties. They are made from recyclable material and can be brought to a recycling center without worrying about the negative environmental impacts.

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