Why You Need Bear Proof Garbage Containers in West Virginia and Maryland?

Bear proof garbage container

Spring is an exciting time of year for all of us. The flowers are blooming, days are getting longer, and we can finally shed those winter layers. We are, however, not the only ones that are rejoicing in the arrival of spring. Bears are waking up from months of hibernation, stepping out into the sunlight, and heading off in search of food. If you haven’t already, residents of West Virginia and Maryland should talk to their waste management service about getting bear-proof garbage containers and lockable dumpsters.

Bear proof dumpsters
Get bear proof and lockable dumpsters for your job-site or business.

Bear-proof garbage containers

Bears wake up hungry. After hibernating all winter long bears will go in search of the easiest food source. Our garbage, especially food waste, can be too tempting for a hungry bear. Not only will the bear make a complete mess of your garbage-area, but there are other negative consequences of having non-bear proof containers and lockable dumpsters.

Consequences of not having bear-proof garbage containers

If bears get used to your garbage as a source of food, they will return again and again. You don’t want bears to get too comfortable and territorial in your neighborhood as this could lead to bear attacks. Bears also pose a threat to pets, as well as people. If a bear does attack, it will most likely have to be put down. Bear-proofing your garbage will protect them and you. The other consequence of a bear raiding your garbage for food is their health. Not all human food is good for the bears, and they could easily get sick from your garbage. Having a bear-proof garbage container and lockable dumpster will protect both you and the bear.

Bears in West Virginia

In West Virginia alone there are approximately 8,000 bears. Black bears can be found in all counties. We recommend that our West Virginian customers in Tucker County, Grant County, Mineral County, and Randolph County ask us about getting bear-proof garbage containers for their residence, business, and lockable containers for your job-site.

Bear proof garbage containers
Bear-proof garbage containers and lockable dumpsters will keep bears out of your garbage.

Bears in Maryland

Although black bears are found in the four westernmost counties in Marland, Garrett County has the highest population of bears. If you live in Garrett County, Maryland, it is in your best interest to get bear-proof garbage containers for your home, and business, and lockable containers for your job-site.

Sunrise Sanitation provides residential, business, and job-site garbage collection and recycling services in West Virginia and Garrett County, Maryland.

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