Why We Need to Reuse or Refuse Plastic Use

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While you may think that recycling plastics is helpful to the environment, you are mistaken. Recycling, while keeping reusable materials out of the trash, can often be difficult if people don’t do it properly. 

The best way to recycle plastics is by reusing them. If you buy plastic water bottles, you should try and find another use for them around your home. It is not easy to adopt these habits, but plastic pollution will ruin the planet if things don’t change. 

Why Plastic Is Hard To Recycle

 The quality of plastics degrades every time it is heated, limiting the number of times it can be recycled. Too many types of plastic cannot be recycled, so if you do not find another use for them, they will just end up in a landfill, failing to biodegrade.

Not only this, it is expensive to sort. As there are so many different types of plastics, waste management companies need to use equipment to ensure that they are all appropriately sorted. This can cost a ton of money, especially if people aren’t taking the right steps in the beginning and sorting at their home. 

Plastics in oceans can have serious consequences.

Stats On Plastic Pollution

Every day around the world, nearly 8 million plastic pollution articles make their way into the ocean. Each year around the world, 348 million tons of plastics are made, and not long after they are used, do they end up as plastic pollution

Within the United States alone, only 25% of all plastics are recycled. The primary reason is that people do not know how to recycle specific kinds of plastics properly.

If you make an effort to use recyclable bottles, buy whole foods, and stay away from single-use disposables, you can help keep landfills and oceans clean. 

If you want more information on recycling tips, make sure to call Sunrise Sanitation. Once you have the right information, it is easy to make the right decisions. 

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