Importance of Weekly Waste Pick-Up Services

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Reasons Why Garbage Should Be Picked Up Weekly

Waste that is left in the open is one of the leading causes of attracting pests to your home or business, and a contributor to air and water pollution. By making sure your garbage is collected every week, you will avoid the following problems.

Impact on Landfills and Health Problems

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An excess of discarded materials can lead to many kinds of pollution, mostly because of the garbage in the process of decomposition, which releases harmful gases that pollute the air and water, leading to breathing problems. The importance of weekly garbage collection is vital for the health of a neighborhood, as well as the world. Plus, the rotting garbage and waste emanate an unpleasant and toxic smell in the vicinity that causes nausea among your home occupants, neighbors, and passers-by.

Waterborne Illnesses

Lakes and rivers in the area can be contaminated due to the lixiviate (the resulting liquid of rotting garbage). This pollution can cause severe health problems due to pathogenic micro-organisms. The symptoms include cholera, typhoid, diarrhea, abdominal discomfort, among other health complications.

Landscape Pollution

weekly waste pick-up servicesPick-up services will make sure your garbage goes to the correct landfill rather than into our rivers, lakes, hills, and mountains of our National Parks, or even worst into the oceans. Landfills are usually classified as construction and demolition, municipal, sanitary, or industrial waste sites. That is why solid waste collection is a critical aspect of environmental hygiene.

Any solid waste must be managed correctly to ensure sound environmental practices, and this includes weekly waste pick-up services. Working with a professional, dependable waste management company is critical.

If you need waste managing services, contact Sunrise Sanitation. We have a lot of options to help you with all your trash collection needs and keep our communities as clean and safe as possible. From garbage collection to recycling to yard waste and bulk items, we offer a variety of residential and commercial collection services.professional solid waste management company

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