Waste Management on Construction Sites

Why Your Business Needs Storage Containers This Holiday Season

Every day construction workers put themselves at risk to create workplaces, schools, and other necessary infrastructure for the greater public. While the spaces they create are safe and up to code, sometimes the sites leading up to the project’s completion can become dangerous. 

Keeping your construction site safe using roll-off containers for debris removal is essential if you want to ensure your workers’ safety, while also making sure that the job gets done right without cutting any corners.

Importance of Waste Management 

Not only does construction site waste management prevent corners from being cut, but it also guarantees safety. Accidents happen every day on these sites, and if you aren’t removing debris regularly, serious problems will arise. 

By using roll-off containers, you can prevent accidents, injuries, and health risks involving hazardous materials. Not only are wood and metal pieces common in these areas, but there are also chemicals and hazardous substances in use that can be dangerous if not disposed of properly.

Construction projects generate copious amounts of waste.
Construction sites host hazardous materials.

How to Manage Waste on Construction Sites 

Once you have purchased roll-off containers or decided to work with a company that picks up and drops off these bins each day, you need to decide where they’re going to go. Designate a specific area for these containers and trash bins and ensure that workers bring debris here and not leave it out in the open. 

Every day, there should be an inspection performed that looks into how much waste is left on the site. If you find that your bins are overflowing, you may have to opt for larger-sized bins, as workers will throw the debris on the ground surrounding the bin, which does not help the problem. 

Contact Sunrise Sanitation today if you want the best construction waste management team out there. We can walk you through the best method for elevating the safety at your site.

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