How to Use Less Paper and Save our Forests

shredding paper can have negative effects
Reduce the quantity of paper we use everyday
We do not need so much paper.

Paper is a big part of our lives. We continuously use it for a countless number of reasons. This enormous amount of paper needs an equally large amount of energy to produce it, as well as millions of trees. Added to this are the chemicals used in the process, and you have a perfect recipe for ruining the environment. The average American uses the equivalent of 7 trees, which is approximately 700 pounds of paper per year. Surely, there is no need for all this. Our priority today should be to protect nature first.

We do not need so much paper

If we reduce the quantity of paper we use every day, we dramatically reduce our carbon footprint on forests, we save water and energy and pollute less. It all seems to make so much sense! The present technology helps us make do without paper, thanks to the Internet we can do most things online. Very often, printing is unnecessary, as it can be emailed instead.

Cut down on paper plates, cups, towels, etc.

Give up paper dishes forever. Like plastic, they should by now be a thing of the past. In the case where you need disposable ones, use recycled paper or biodegradable material.

Paper towels also should be gone for good. Go back to your grandmothers’ ways, buy colorful dish towels that are much more attractive, and wash them!

Pay your bills online

Today, it is so easy and safe to pay your bills online; there is no excuse. Choose Internet options with your providers

Today, it is so easy and safe to pay for your bills online
Pay your bills online.

so that they send them all by mail instead of using the post. You can also make full use of your phone with the multitudes of apps available to keep notes, appointments, and write down just about everything you need to remember.

Never leave home without grocery bags

Of course, you do. Or don’t you? Reusable bags are easily folded into small purses, avoiding the use of paper or plastic bags. Make good use of them!

Rethink it all. Just a few seconds are sufficient to rethink your habits. You may think it is so easy that it’s a waste of time, but the thing is, we are using paper all day long, every day, without really wondering if it is absolutely necessary. Behavior changes are a must these days, but it does require a little bit of discipline.

Sunrise Sanitation is here to help you make a better and cleaner world while caring for the environment. Give us a call for more information and help on how you can change some of your habits. We are always happy to give you a hand and provide our customers with friendly, helpful advice.

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