Understanding Waste Management to Protect and Preserve West Virginia & Maryland

Preventing accidents with garbage truck

Once the garbage hits the curbside for pickup, most people don’t think about where it goes. But since we are all personally responsible for about 4.4 pounds of waste per day, we think it’s time that everyone understands the work that goes into responsibly disposing of waste.

Responsible waste management

MInimizing waste
Recycling minimizes waste.

There’s convenient waste management, and then there’s responsible waste management. Convenient waste management is taking your garbage and leaving it somewhere out of sight, out of mind. Responsible waste management is about finding solutions for getting rid of waste without damaging the environment or affecting our health. With responsible waste management, we are minimizing disease from rodent and pest infestation, reducing carbon emissions, and pollutions, keeping our rivers clean and protecting our wildlife.


Despite our best efforts to manage waste, the more waste we create, the more carbon emissions we release into the atmosphere. Along with managing waste comes the need for minimizing waste. Fortunately, we’ve seen a huge increase in private citizens doing their part at home by recycling and composting. Thanks to all of our recycling efforts, it is estimated that we will prevent about 186 million metric tons of carbon monoxide from releasing into the atmosphere.

Illegal dumping in West Virginia

Waste management Serives
We provide safe, easy, and convenient waste management services for your home, business, and job-site.

Although there are millions of people who have adopted ways to minimize waste, there are still a lot of people who practice convenient waste management. This is evident from the 15,000 illegal dumps statewide. It’s sad, but true. But hopefully, with a little education about the consequences of illegal dumping, people will stop dumping their trash in unauthorized areas, creating unsanitary and dangerous living conditions for all of us.

Waste management services in West Virginia & Maryland

The truth is, you don’t have to get to know the ins and outs of responsible waste-haul management to help keep your home wonderful. But you do have to take advantage of one of the many waste management services in your area. At Sunrise Sanitation Services we provide safe, easy, and convenient waste management services for your home, business, and job-site.  We also have several free recycling centers in West Virginia.

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