Tips for Leaving no Footprint Behind You

go easy on red meat.

Even when you think you are doing everything you can to become more eco-friendly and leave less of a footprint, there is always more you can do. Here are a few precious tips to get you started or improve what you are already doing.


Always have a shopping bag with you
Avoid packaging at all costs

If you want to do something that really helps towards climate change, it starts with the big one, the one many people shy away from. Go easy on red meat. This does not mean that you do not eat any meat at all or become vegan. Cutting down is entirely doable when you put your heart into it, and the outcome is more than worth it. Besides, it is also healthier.

Also, try and eat locally, sticking to fruits and vegetables of the season, avoiding contributing to unnecessary transportation for goods imported from far away places. Supporting local farmers and shopping at farmers’ markets means you are also supporting low-scale food agriculture. This is kinder to our planet. The other uses massive greenhouses that need enormous resources to fake the weather and produce massive amounts of food, much of which ends up discarded. While we are on the subject, do try to eat organic food. It is not only better for you, but it is also better for Mother Earth.

Finally, avoid packaging at all costs; always have a shopping bag with you. Look for zero-waste shops where you can buy unpackaged food. Ultimately, some supermarkets offer the option of unpackaged food; the choice is yours.

Beauty Products

There are many great organic beauty products available on the market these days, and this means big brands too. Inspired by consumers themselves, they have come up with top quality products that are harmless to us and our planet.

Live in an eco-friendly way
Leave less of a footprint

The choice is yours, so choose wisely! It is also possible to buy shampoo, conditioner, and body wash bars. You may think that they are costly; however, they do last longer. Finally, one product that you can say goodbye to is face wipes. These take, like plastic, a very long time to biodegrade. These are a no-no!

Alternatively, it is possible to make up your own beauty products, like face cream, or face scrubs, if you are so inclined, of course! There are some excellent recipes online. That, however, may not be for everyone!

Recycle and go vintage

Who does not like second-hand, charity and vintage shops! For your clothes, shop online with Depop, Vinted, or eBay. If you can, buy less and save money. These are just fun ways to recycle. Just remember that the fashion industry is one of the most polluting in the world. Cheap and fast fashion has dominated the market since the 90s, and it has become a vast emitter of greenhouse gases and has had a massive, devastating environmental impact.

When looking for furniture, vintage shops will provide you with valuable items, often of much better quality than those found in shops, at a third of the price.

Make sure you choose eco-friendly materials when you shop; whenever possible, natural fiber is usually a better choice. Microfibres ends up in our water and the oceans. Plastic is the enemy.

For more information and help on how to live well in an eco-friendly way, consult with us at Sunrise Sanitation. We will give you easy instructions to follow in a sound and professional way, the way we conduct all of our business.

You can find us in Maryland or in West Virginia. If you cannot come to us, you can give us a call, and we’ll do our very best to assist you.

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