Things You Should Not Throw in Dumpsters

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What You Can’t Put in a Roll-Off Container

Having a dumpster for business or home is almost like watching a magic show. You fill a box full of things you do not need, and then it all disappears. While it can be tempting to think that having a dumpster means that anything and everything that is not wanted can be easily tossed as long as it fits; there are rules in place that we should follow. Here is a guide to things you should not throw in dumpsters.


items not allow in dumpstersBatteries contain hazardous chemicals such as mercury, lead, cadmium and other dangerous substances which can be harmful to the environment in large doses. Car batteries and dry-cell batteries should never be thrown in a dumpster because they can leak those substances that will severely harm the environment.

Chemical Waste

You cannot throw things like asbestos, household cleaners, ink and resins, contaminated soil or absorbents, lacquers, paint, paint thinners, propane tanks, transmission fluid, engine fluid, wood stains, and pesticides. These items are considered hazardous waste and should never go in a dumpster.


Because most landfills in our country do not accept tires, you cannot put tires in a dumpster. However, there are various ways to dispose of scrap tires properly. For example, you can take old tires to your tire dealership or local auto parts store. Another may be finding a local recycler who will then convert old tires into asphalt or rubber mulch.

What You Can’t Put in a Roll-Off Container

Wondering What You Can Put In Your Dumpster?

Things that are safe to throw away typically include things like old clothing from your attic or basement, housewares, personal items, yard waste, and other non-hazardous things; remodeling debris are also accepted. If you have any doubt about this topic, please contact Sunrise Sanitation Services. Our professional staff will help you determine what things you can toss in your dumpster.

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