The People and Organizations that Make West Virginia “Almost Heaven”

History of waste management in West Virginia

History of waste management in West Virginia

West Virginia waste management
Keeping West Virginia “almost heaven” takes a lot of work from many organizations, government, private citizens, and volunteers.

Many of us take it for granted that someone will take care of our trash. Rarely do we think about all the organizations and people hard at work making sure that your waste (our waste) is properly removed, disposed of, and properly managed. What happens after you drag your garbage cans to the curb on trash pick up days? And, how did trash pick up days get organized? So, let’s take a look at how trash management came to be in West Virginia, and how we became the beautiful state that we are today.

The Rehabilitation Environmental Action Plan

Today, more people say that they recycle than ever. But back in the 1970’s, that was not the case. Not only did people not recycle, there was a serious waste management problem. It certainly was a far cry from what John Denver described as “almost Heaven.” He must have seen something under the pile of rubbish that covered West Virginia, and so did then Gov. Arch Moore. Recognizing that West Virginia had a huge trash management property, a new program was borne and implemented: The Rehabilitation Environmental Action Plan (REAP.)

Regulated waste-hauling system of West Virginia

History of waste management in West Virginia
A well-regulated waste management system is also in charge of keeping our rivers clean.

REAP is still making sure that waste is properly disposed of and managed so that the state will never again disappear under a pile of litter. Other programs, organizations, contractors, and volunteers like the Independent Waste Haulers and Recycling Association of West Virginia, Department of Environmental Protection, and the Division of Highways have joined, as well. A well regulated waste-hauling system makes sure that there are laws and programs in place to:

  • Prohibit illegal dumping
  • Recycle
  • Protect environment and atmosphere
  • Keep rivers, and other bodies of water, clean
  • Make trash and recycling services available in rural areas

Keeping West Virginia Beautiful

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