Sustainable Halloween and Trick or Treating Practices


Halloween is one of the biggest and most popular holidays in the United States. It’s also one of the most wasteful because so many people participate in Trick or Treating on this day. After reading this article, you’ll be able to plan a more sustainable Halloween with your family, friends, and neighbors that will not only save money, but also create less waste! Here are some tips to keep your Halloween sustainable and eco-friendly!

Type of Waste That is Too Common for Halloween

Halloween is one of the most wasteful days of the year.

Halloween is the perfect time to have some fun with your little ones, but it can also be a time of overflowing trash. And while it might seem like not much can be done, there are ways you can reduce the waste that trick-or-treating produces. One way to go green this Halloween is by making costumes from scrap materials, rather than single-use costumes. These take less time and effort to make than buying one from a store and they’re usually more durable since they’re built to last rather than designed for wear once or twice. You can also turn old clothes into something spooky using supplies you may already have around the house. Recycling paper bags and toilet paper rolls is another great way to save on cost and plastic usage. To avoid candy wrappers, consider trading treats with neighbors so that each person only needs to bring one type of treat instead of many different types.

How to Make Halloween More Sustainable

Check out the following list of suggestions to find a few ideas to make your Halloween more eco-friendly:

  • Reuse decorations year after year by moving them around, changing the theme with different sheets, different colored lights, etc. A lot of inexpensive decorations are only that because they are cheaply made and use low-quality materials. Give them new life this way!
  • Repurpose old costumes by using items from other costumes you may have that don’t get worn anymore like an old mask from last year’s costume could turn into a ghost for this year’s look. Think outside the box and try to reuse as much as possible. It’ll save time and money at the same time. 
  • Buy quality items. Kids grow so fast these days, it’s not worth buying anything but quality. It will cost more upfront but in the long run, it will save money since you won’t need to buy another outfit just two months later when they’ve grown out of it.

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