Starting a Recycling Program at the Office

Recycling bins to encourage recycling programs

Offices produce tons of recycling products on a daily basis, and much of it ends up in the garbage. In order to reduce the amount of garbage being put into landfills, your office may want to start a recycling program. Here are some recycling tips to get you started.

Identify Types of Recycling

Your first step is to identify the type of recycling products you will have at the office. For example, your office’s recycling products may largely consist of paper, meaning you’ll need some extra recycling bins around printers and photocopying machines to accommodate for paper products. However, if your office has largely gone paperless, you’ll need to keep your recycling bins elsewhere and accommodate for different types of recycling products. Keeping enough recycling bins around the office and the right types of recycling bins will encourage office workers to recycle correctly and often.

You’ll also want to work with a waste management company that provides the right service to pick up recycling. They should be timely and reliable since you don’t want to leave recycling sitting around the office for too long. They should also be able to tailor their recycling services to your needs.

Incentivize Recycling Programs

Use the correct waste management company
Using the right waste management service is key to a successful office recycling program.

Any recycling program is useless if no one wants to participate, so it’s important to incentivize recycling. Avoid single-use items in the kitchen, which will help you minimize the amount of waste the office is producing. Instead, replace single-use items with real coffee cups and glasses that can be reused multiple times. You can even go a step further by encouraging office workers to bring in their own reusable water bottles or give away reusable water bottles during staff contests.

Make sure your office is working with a reliable waste management company that will reliably take away your recycling. Contact us at Sunrise Sanitation Services for more information. 



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