Reasons to Start Recycling in 2019

waste is a growing issue

Recycling Matters and Here’s Why

Many people still consider recycling a chore because who has the time? It seems more like an inconvenience and not worth all the effort, but that couldn’t be farther from the truth. There are many reasons why recycling is worth doing, and if you’re looking for some, we’re giving you five, so you can start recycling this 2019.

Benefits the Economy

Did you know that four people are employed in recycling manufacturing for every person who works in waste management? Recycling is a stable source of employment, as it generates jobs in recycling plants and outside of them, too, like those businesses that manufacture products from recycled material.

Recycling Matters and Here's WhyReduces Waste

Without recycling, the amount of waste that would end up in landfills —including hazardous materials and non-degradable trash— would shoot through the roof and take more and more land over time. Although this might not directly affect you, it does affect many people that see no escape from living next to a mountain of trash.

Saves Money

If you do recycle all on your own, selling your recycling materials is a way to make some money. You’ve already spent money on bottled drinks and other products that produce materials that should be recycled, so you’re winning even if you’re getting a small portion of that money in return. Also, waste management facilities are costlier than recycling plants, because recycling plants can make some money to help their operation by selling recycled materials.

Helps Conserve Energy

Processing recycled materials consume less energy than processing natural materials, such as trees. Transporting these resources also consumes less energy. Approximately 12 billion gallons of gas are saved each year thanks to recycling.

Prevents Pollution

Recycling minimizes the need for new materials, which also decreases pollution and greenhouse gas emissions produced by processing and manufacturing natural resources. Recycling also reduces the amount of waste that ends up in the water and helps protect animals natural habitats.


There are many other reasons why recycling is worth the effort. Are you ready to start? Contact Sunrise Sanitation to find out about our pickup schedules in Maryland and West Virginia and start recycling today!

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