Solid Waste Services for a Safe Business Re-opening

Auditing waste production at home for waste management

During this pandemic, a lot of businesses closed down for several months. During this time, there would obviously be no need for a waste management program. However, as many companies prepare to open their doors once again, reinstating these solid waste services is going to be a top priority. Here is how you can do so safely during your business re-opening phase.

Increase How Often Trash Cans Are Emptied

Having a buildup of trash even outside of a pandemic is not going to be a good thing. However, because we are currently in the midst of this health crisis, it suddenly becomes an even bigger issue.

eliminate trash bad odors
Solid waste disposal will require the proper PPE during this pandemic.

This is because the more solid waste that there is inside of the office, the higher the chances are that someone will touch it and become contaminated with someone else’s germs. Even if your company has a policy that sick people should stay home, there is still the chance that someone has been infected without even realizing it.

Therefore, any solid waste they use will have their contagious germs on them. That’s why it will need to be dealt with far more often to help prevent these issues from occurring. And your employees will want to be wearing gloves and masks while they do so.

Hire a Waste Management Company With Proper Safety Protocols

An even bigger tip is to make sure that you are only hiring a waste management company that is taking this pandemic seriously and makes it clear that they use the proper safety protocols. This should include their employees wearing the proper PPE and also refraining from interacting with your employees or common areas.

If you want to make sure that you are getting the proper waste management services without jeopardizing your employee’s safety, then make sure that you contact us at Sunrise Sanitation Services today.

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