Simple Steps to Reducing Waste At Home

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If you want to reduce how much garbage you produce at home, you should be thinking about the things that produce the most. Reducing waste is not easy unless you are mindful and conscious of what you are consuming.

Once you initiate new garbage reduction practices, you will be doing your part to help the environment and ensuring you aren’t paying for the additional garbage pick-up services. 

Buy Fresh, Whole Foods, Not Packaged and Processed

Food packages produce a lot of trash. When you buy processed food, it will be wrapped in plastic, wrapped in cardboard, and then shoved in a plastic container. All these different layers will then end up in your garbage.

If you don’t have the right waste management techniques at use in your home, you will be filling your garbage containers with an unnecessary amount of litter. If you buy food that is not packaged or processed like whole foods, you prevent this from happening. 

Buying veggies and fruits, and meat from a butcher, prevent you from making unnecessary trash. The remnants from these types of food can go straight in the compost and keep your trash bin clear. 

Whole foods will keep your garbage level to a minimum.

Invest In Reusable Bags and Containers

Once you have more whole foods, you will want to invest in some reusable bags and containers to properly store them in your fridge and take on the go. With more reusable bags, you won’t have to ask for bags at the store or use plastic when packaging up food for lunches. 

It can be challenging reducing waste and adjusting habits, but if you take the time to change the way you eat, buying less processed food and more whole foods, you will notice a big difference. 

Contact Sunrise Sanitation for more waste management tips. We can also provide you with other information about the services we provide. 



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