Secure Sensitive Document Shredding Tips

How to Shred and Safely Dispose of Sensitive Documents

How to Shred and Safely Dispose of Sensitive Documents?

Whether it is business or personal documents that you want to eliminate, it is highly essential to make sure you put the shredded pieces in the right place. The last thing you want to do is to put your business and reputational integrity of your organization at risk. Worry not! Here are the best tips to help you practice secure shredding.

tips to help you practice secure shreddingUse a Cross-Cut Shredder

This type of shredder cuts paper diagonally from both corners, resulting in small paper particles after shredding. That makes reconstruction of the documents more challenging to identity for thieves.

Shred Before Recycling

It is true that by recycling old documents, you are reducing your footprint. However, this habit might leave your business susceptible to potential security breaches. Unguarded documents in recycling containers can be stolen. And, your confidential documents in the wrong hands can cause irreparable damage to your organization.

Select a Reliable Document-Shredding Service

Experts in the field have all it takes to ensure total security of the document destruction process. A reliable document shredding contractor also has the right tools necessary for shredding sensitive documents the right way.

Outsource Your Shredding

When you leave your shredding to an outsourcer, the professional document destruction service provider will make sure to store and shred the documents safely. In doing so, you significantly reduce the risk of identity theft by eliminating security breaches, privacy violations, and identity theft and fraud.

Practice Regular Shreddingpaper shredding

Regular paper shredding not only protects your companies sensitive information, but it frees office space, and who wouldn’t want more space in an office? Also, having excess paper around the office is a fire hazard. Team up with an experienced document-shredding company to keep only the most critical hard copies in your office.

Don’t let lousy shredding practices compromise trade secrets, and create breaches of confidential client information, hire the experts from Sunrise Sanitation to help you with all your document shredding needs.

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