Why You Have to Rinse and Separate Your Recyclables Before Recycling

Why rinse recycling before drop-off

One of the reasons that people choose Sunrise Sanitation as their waste management service is because of our recycling program. We’ve got recycling centers throughout West Virginia and Maryland that are open 24/7 for drop-off. Recycling helps us protect the environment, and minimize waste. But, you need to rinse and separate your recycling before you drop it off at the recycling center. Here’s why.

Rinsing and separating recycling
Rinse and separate your recycling before dropping it off at our recycling centers.

Why you have to rinse recycling

Recycling has different rules from district to district and recycling center to recycling center. At our recycling drop-off centers in West Virginia and Maryland, we ask that you help us out by rinsing and preparing your recyclables before you drop them off. Cleaning cans, glass and plastic containers before you recycle will help us keep costs down at the recycling centers so that we’re able to afford to provide this great service in the first place. And, clean recyclable materials also have a higher market value than dirty recyclable materials. The more we can re-sell the recyclables for repurposing and reuse, the more we can afford to improve our services and make it easier for people to recycle and reduce waste.

Reducing recycling costs


Recycling Services
By rinsing and separating your recycling, you are helping us keep down costs so that we can continue to provide and improve our recycling services.

By rinsing and preparing your recyclables before dropping them off, it will reduce our costs as we won’t have to spend time and resources cleaning all the recycling at the center. Not all recycling centers have the ability to rinse all the recycling, and therefore it is mandatory that residents in that area clean and prepare their own recycling from home.


Separating recyclables before drop-off

We ask that you empty all containers of liquid before recycling, that you rinse all containers and remove any labels. Labels can be removed and recycled with other paper items but should be separated from the aluminum, tin, plastic, or glass container. You also need to separate your recycling at our recycling facilities. We kindly ask that you separate office paper, newspaper, cardboard, phonebooks, plastic, aluminum, steel, and glass and drop them off accordingly.

Sunrise Sanitation has free 24/7 drop off recycling centers throughout West Virginia and Maryland. For more information on the location of our recycling facilities and how to clean and prepare your recycling, visit our recycling page.

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