Reusable Party Decorations for Every Occasion

It takes a lot of decoration materials that can be reused in several creative ways. Things like invitation cards can be used to decorate the walls, or as a gift tag, curling ribbons used for tying balloons can be reused to tie gift boxes, napkins can be twisted into a garland, etc. But, when these things are not reused, they turn to party wastes, and some of these wastes endanger our planet.

We should be able to celebrate big and small moments, but we should be mindful of the waste created at events and parties. 

Waste management consideration when planning your party

Reusable things like ribbons, flowers, curtains, etc., are great for party decorations.

We need to celebrate awesome moments of our lives, but we should not be carried away with the thrills that we forget to consider the waste stream.  If you have planned a party before, you should have an idea of the amount of waste that can be generated in one party – from food liters to all sorts of SWAG items (water bottles, promotional, gift packages, promotional T-shirts, etc.). A typical party like a wedding or birthday can generate more than 1.5kg of waste, and these wastes usually end up in a landfill. We should audit our waste stream and focus more on reusable party decoration materials to control party waste. 

Reusing party decorations are cost-effective and eco-friendly.  A reused product saves you from purchasing the product again and reduces the number of garbage dumps in the environment. It also saves you from spending more money acquiring another product. For instance, reusable party hats can be used for weddings and birthday parties. A party jam jar flowers can be used for table decoration during weddings. They can be reused during conferences or birthday parties. 

Professional waste management service

Sunrise Sanitation may just be what you need to care for your party waste needs. Get in touch with us to discuss your party waste and reusable party decorations needs.  

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