Restaurant Waste Reduction Solutions

Make sure your employees know your company's garbage rules.

Restaurants produce a lot of organic food waste as part of their daily business. A certain amount of food waste is inevitable in a restaurant, but there are restaurant waste reduction solutions to help reduce the amount of organic matter headed for the landfill. 

Biodegradable vs Compostable vs Recyclable
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Restaurant Waste Reduction Solutions

In working to reduce waste, there are four restaurant waste reduction solutions that businesses should consider implementing. 

Careful planning and shopping

Paying attention to past food usage and waste will help to better plan for future food needs. Through careful order planning, and paying attention to the amounts ordered to catch any mistakes in quantities, it is possible to reduce the amount of food that is thrown away before it has a chance to be used. 

Proper storage

When food requiring refrigeration arrives in the restaurant, be sure it is promptly put away. This will extend the life of the food before it spoils. Also, be sure to properly store food in the appropriate containers and locations. Doing so will help to prolong the shelf life of the food. 

Donate leftovers

Many homeless shelters and food banks appreciate donations from food-service businesses. Reach out to local charities and nonprofits to see which organizations are in need of food donations. Donating food instead of throwing it away is a socially responsible thing to do, and also diverts waste from the landfill. Once you develop a regular working relationship with a non-profit organization, there are also benefits to your brand, as your business will be seen as a good corporate citizen. 


Composting organic waste is like recycling for food and is a good way to reduce the amount of garbage heading to the landfill. This requires having space for a compost unit or a collection bin in areas that collect organic waste. 

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