Recycling Reused Oils


If you have been working on a vehicle, your lawnmower, or another machine, or you simply have old and used oil laying around your garage, now is the perfect time to get rid of it. Luckily, if used oil has been recycled properly, it can be used once more, helping to conserve resources and save the planet.

When recycled properly, used oil can be used again, conserving natural resources.

How to Recycle Used Oil

When recycling used oils, you must be extremely cautious. As you gather the oil, choose a container you plan to store it in very carefully. You want to place it in a leak-proof can or container that closes tightly, being careful that the oil cannot spill out even if bumped or tilted.

Once your oil is ready to go, you must find a recycling facility that accepts used oil. Facilities like Sunrise Sanitation Services offer professional collection and recycling services. They will properly recycle your oil so it can be reused again.

The Pros of Recycling Used Oil

There are many reasons why you should recycle your used oils. One reason is it protects nearby soil and water. When you properly recycle the oil, it keeps the oil from entering the soil and the water supply. It also doesn’t require as much energy to recycle oil as it does to produce new oil. By recycling, you are not only preserving valuable resources but you are using less energy to accomplish your task as well.

Keep in mind that used oil filters can also be recycled. Several local facilities will accept these items as well and safely recycle them for you.

If you have old oil that you wish to recycle, Sunrise Sanitation Services is your resource. They can answer your questions and help you properly manage your waste across West Virginia and Maryland.

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