Recycling Aluminum Cans Can Power Your Entire Game of Thrones Addiction

Aluminum recycling

Sometimes it’s hard to see the results of recycling. Global warming and climate change are difficult concepts for us to wrap our heads around because change happens so slowly. However, recycling aluminum cans should be something that we all do. Not only is aluminum 100% recyclable, but they can be recycled again and again. Let’s try to put the benefits of recycling aluminum cans into terms we all understand.

Recycling Aluminum

Aluminum CanDespite 100% of aluminum cans being recyclable, we only recycle about half. By not recycling aluminum cans, we are adding about 1.5 million tons of waste to landfills, which contribute to pollutions, global warming, and health threats. Not to mention, a growing landfill isn’t exactly pretty, and won’t help your community image.

Save Time and Energy

Producing fresh new aluminum cans takes time, but most importantly, it wastes a lot of energy sourcing new materials to make new aluminum cans. Instead, recycling will create new jobs and spends the energy used to recycle cans in a much more eco-friendly way.

Productive Use of Energy

Recycling aluminum cansThe aluminum industry is responsible for millions of tons of greenhouse gases during the production of aluminum cans. Mining for new materials also causes great harm to our surface and groundwater, which in turn can create serious health problems for people, pets, and wildlife.  Since there is no limit to how many times an aluminum can, can be recycled, we are much better off focusing our energy on recycling efforts, rather than the harmful methods of new production. Recycling one aluminum can instead of creating a new one saves enough energy to power three hours worth of TV.

To put it in terms, we all can relate to; by recycling just 24 aluminum cans would support your entire Game of Thrones addiction!

Recycling aluminum is cheap, fast, and energy-efficient!

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