Where Can You Recycle Plastic Bags

How Waste Management Helps Preserve Nature

The list of reasons why the single-use plastic shopping bag is one of the most significant offenses to the survival of our planet is long. They stick around forever; they pollute our oceans and cause irreparable harm to marine life. Many of us, including entire cities, states, and countries, realize the adverse effect and the wastefulness of plastic bags. The problem is, what do we do with all of the plastic bags that have accumulated.

Recycling plastic shopping bags

Unfortunately, not all recycling facilities can handle the soft, delicate plastic of a shopping bag. That is how they end up just floating around, eventually ending up in the ocean and devastating our ecosystems, marine, and wildlife. You could continue to pack plastic bags into that one bucket in the shed in the yard, but wouldn’t it be nice to get rid of them responsibly?

factors to consider when buying a trash bag
Reuse plastic bags as trash bags.

Reuse plastic bags

A great use for your shopping bags is to use them as bin liners, particularly in smaller trash receptacles like in the bathroom and study. This solution means that they get used again in a productive way. It also means that when you toss the bag, it is filled with other trash that will keep it weighed down. Throwing out empty plastic bags means that they could quickly get carried away by the wind and end up in places where they will cause a lot of harm.

Return plastic bags to sender

Some companies are taking responsibility for the plastic bag problem and are giving consumers an easy and responsible way to get rid of their plastic bags. Since these companies are the ones that are giving out the plastic bags with each purchase, it makes sense that they should come up with a good solution to avoid pollution. Companies like Target will take back your plastic bags and make sure that they are disposed of correctly and responsibly.

Where can you recycle plastic bags

If you have several drawers, buckets, and cabinets overflowing with plastic bags, here’s where you can find a place to drop off and recycle plastic bags in your area. Please make sure that the bags that you recycle are clean and dry.

For all other plastic, paper, metal, oil, and other recyclables, find our drop off centers and sign up for our curbside recycling services.

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